Filming and Photography 

Yes! We welcome film crews! Whether you're shooting an entire motion picture or just a class, we're happy to accommodate you!  


Glitter- No glitter permitted. Nothing with glitter. (This may eliminate a hallmark movie filming option, we know). If glitter is present, you'll be charged a headache fee of $100 plus $50/hour in additional cleaning time to remove it all.

Furniture- Furniture may be moved. Please make sure to not dent or damage walls or furnishings. Furniture may not be removed from the suite under any circumstance

Lighting- Let us know what you are planning to film. Our manager has film experience and can help you select the best suite for your lighting needs.

Landscaping and Grounds- Should exterior lighting need to be used, please ensure landscaping and sprinklers are not harmed by equipment. Please ensure that members of your crew smoke only on the sidewalk and pick up and dispose of cigarette butts to avoid a fee.

Exterior- The exterior may be used free of charge for any booked film or photography project.

Event Room- The event room is a great place to set up a green room, host your craft station, or even shoot a scene.

Parking Lot- The lot may be used for the film crew. Up to 2 spaces per suite rented is permitted. Please contact us if you need to set up a staging area.

Sound Considerations- Generally our property is quiet, but if you need absolute silence, reach out to us about booking the neighboring suites to ensure quiet. We're happy to communicate with other guests to let them know filming is happening.

You may not make demands of other guests in the building. Please communicate your needs to us and we will communicate with the other guests.

Our policies are subject to change, so please contact us about your shoot.


Check out some of the films that have been shot at Aspenwood Manor!


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