Aspenwood Manor has a strict No-pet policy

We have committed to our guests that our suites will be animal-free. Many of our guests choose Aspenwood Manor for this specific reason. We have guests who stay with us who can not stay anywhere else because standards are not kept as high as they need to be kept to accommodate severe allergies.


To this end, Aspenwood Manor does NOT allow pets or emotional support animals of any kind. By law, we are not required to accept emotional support animals. All pets provide emotional support to their owners. Fake service dogs or emotional support dogs misrepresented as service dogs are absolutely not tolerated. This not only endangers the health of our guests and staff with severe intolerances, but is highly detrimental to people who actually have a highly trained service dog.

Passing off an emotional support animal as a service animal is illegal in Utah. Please see the state law here:

Our premises are monitored by security cameras and unauthorized animals brought into the property for any reason will be met with swift and non-negotiable consequences of immediate eviction without refund and a $300 penalty.



However, we welcome professionally trained service dogs that perform defined tasks for their owners. Seeing eye dogs, hearing dogs, etc. fall into this group. After a service dog has stayed in one of our suites, we perform a very deep and time-intensive clean to ensure the suite is returned perfectly to a dog-free status. If you have a service dog and wish to stay with us, AT THE TIME OF BOOKING, please help us understand if the dog is required because of a disability and what specific task or work the dog has been trained to perform.  


Expectations for service dogs:

Dogs/owners who do not abide by these expectations will be asked to leave without refund.


For guests visiting with animals, we suggest It is like AirBnB for pets.